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Racing Tests has been especially developed to provide the competition vehicles the chance to make use of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya track, as well as other facilities and services needed in motor sports, at very special conditions.
Racing Tests is a product aimed at competition cars (*), (tourism and GT’s), racing teams, race drivers, etc. who will have the chance to test the performance of their vehicles, drivers, and any task to be carried out by a racing team, within the ideal framework of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and its 4,655 km long track.

(*) Other vehicles like Sports Cars, consult the possibility to participate.

Minimum age is 16 years old (drivers between 16 and 18 years old it’s necessary the authorization of father/mother or legal representative).

We offer the possibility to participate with a co-driver (10€ per vehicle and day as insurance)
The dates scheduled for this activity will always be announced three months in advance:

- 11 February (auto) – 4,655 m track
- 12 February (auto) – 4,655 m track
- 24th March (auto) – 4,727 m track
- 25 April (auto) – 4.655 m track
- 15 June (auto) – 4,655 m track
- 27 June (moto) – 4,727 m track
- 28 July (auto) – 4,655 m track


Provisional dates subject to possible modifications/cancellations).

All those interested will have the chance to make use of all services, such as: pit garages, paddock, showers, fuel station, medical services, rescue services, restaurant, hotel bookings, etc.

All of them coordinated by a qualified and long experienced team that will make your stay much more effective and enjoyable.
We have worked-out flexible and reasonable prices, with different options to choose from, according to your needs:

WINTER SCHEDULE (From November to February)




Whole day

From 9h to 13h & 14h to 17h

850€ (vat incl.)


From 9h to 13h

550€ (vat incl.)


From 14h to 17h

490€ (vat incl.)

One hour


240€ (vat incl.)

SUMMER SCHEDULE (From March to October)




Whole day

From 9h to 13h & 14h to 18h

960€ (vat incl.)

Half day

From 9h to 13h or 14h to 18h

550€ (vat incl.)

One hour


240€ (vat incl.)


All prices include the use of the pit garage and the paddock.

Special price of 10€ for the teams’ staff at the Pàdoc Restaurant previous presentation of the ticket (a maximum of 5 tickets per car for Whole day and a maximum of 3 tickets per car for Half day, Morning or Afternoon).

Other services that can be hired for the Racing Tests days are:

- Timing service.
- DSL service.
- Driving classes imparted by professional drivers to learn the track by means of theory and/or practical classes, race driving and advanced driving, with your own car or not, with front and/or rear wheel drive.
- Track tasting for VIPs, as co-drivers in race vehicles.
- Booking of hotel rooms nearby the Circuit.
- Special catering service.

For further information and booking, please contact:
Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. Sporting Area
Tel. 00 34 935 719 710 -

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