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The foundation stone of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya was laid on 24th February 1989, thanks to the efforts of the Consortium made-up by the Catalan Government, the Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) and the Montmeló Town Council.

Previously, on 3rd October 1986, the Catalan Parliament had unanimously approved a proposal (not a law) urging the Executive Council to “coordinate the respective bodies with the aim of making a study and joining efforts to create a new permanent racetrack".

Five days after the official inauguration, on 10th September 1991, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya hosted the first official race, the Spanish Touring Car Championship, with the victory of former F1 Spanish driver Lluís Pérez-Sala. On 29th September 1991 the 35th Spanish F1 Grand Prix was held after seventeen years of absence in Catalonia, and the Motorcycling World Championship arrived one month later with the Grand Prix of Europe, the name of which was changed to Grand Prix of Catalonia from 1995 onwards.

During all of these years of activity, the Circuit has witnessed the best international motor sports events, alternating with national championships or outstanding events such as endurance races.

The headquarters are within the Circuit, in the old farm building known as Mas La Moreneta.

Much more than passion for motor sports

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a dream come true which is enjoyed by thousands of motoring fans since 1991.

Today, the Circuit has set itself up as one of the most modern sports facilities, serving as the venue for the most important motor sports events of the world such as the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix. 

But the Circuit is not only passion for speed; it also offers the chance to organise all kinds of events and activities for companies and individuals thanks to the multi-purpose facilities fitted to offer all kinds of services, including a restaurant, a media centre with a capacity of 450 people, several VIP spaces and even a heliport.

A worldwide benchmark

The aim of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is to become an international benchmark due to its ability to innovate and its management model. The efforts are focussed on becoming a strong economic engine of the area and exporting the brand and its values worldwide, passing on the passion for this sport to thousands of new fans.

Because the main principles governing Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya are respect for and commitment to spectators, customers and suppliers. All of this in accordance with values that are characterised by transparency, service quality and innovative spirit.

Working for a sustainable Circuit

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya keeps a solid commitment to the environment. In this sense, the environmental management of the facilities has been certified according to the ISO 14001 standard, the aim of which is to minimise the negative impact on the environment, using the most advanced technology and the following principles of action:

-To manage the external impact of noise.
-To encourage sustainable mobility promoting public transport.
-To favour landscape integration by extending the green areas

With a view to the future

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has a fluid and open relation with fans by means of dialogue and participation. There are currently more than 8,000 members and this figure is growing year after year with new fans who want to show their support and faithfulness to the Circuit.
This chance is largely due to the will of the organization to surprise the public with the magic and entertainment of live competition, proposing new activities and events. Every year, all kinds of events related to the world of motoring are held at the Circuit, but there are also other activities, such as the Bicircuit or the guided tours, intended to attract a larger public and, all things considered, to turn the Circuit into a benchmark for everyone.


After more than 20 years, the Circuit keeps on growing and reaching more people thanks also to the support of big brands acting as partners. Their contributions are very important for the development of the entity. Synergies are created allowing the Circuit to grow in a sustainable way, while the co-operating companies benefit from a big platform to promote their brand, to achieve a larger media impact and to recruit new consumers.

The Circuit’s commitment to the future includes its consolidation as an international benchmark and to continue extending its service offer. Because, above all, our biggest wish is to get the circuit closer to all fans and to all co-operating companies, inviting them to become part of the most exciting and amusing show of the world.

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